VuVuVu - "VuVuVu". Download [PSYCHEDELIC / SOUL]

VuVuVu - "VuVuVu". Download [PSYCHEDELIC / SOUL]

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VuVuVu - “VuVuVu"

The Liners:
If Tel Aviv's, The Flavors is the Funk and Soul supergroup of that cities vibrant Mediterranean Coastline music scene, then the even more obscure VuVuVu, comprised of some of the same musicians, is the instrumental stoner-rock gang of psychedelic bandits skillfully and sonically meandering in Israel's nearby deserts. A laid back, and welcoming intervention of hallucinating audio imagery awaits. 

"VuVuVu" is a special limited single offered to you exclusively from your friends at Wax Thematique.

The Players:
Amir Sadot - Bass
Itamar Weinstein - Drums
Tomer Zuk - Clavinet
Yonatan Nahmias - Guitar
Matan Caspi - Percussion

The Credits:
Arranged, Recorded and Produced at The House of Records, Tel Aviv, Israel
Mixed by Itamar Weinstein
Mastered by Doug Krebs
Art Design by Lir Nizan
Curation and Project Management by Nathan Womack