Nathan Womack - Eastern Rain Ep. Download [DOWNTEMPO]

Nathan Womack - Eastern Rain Ep. Download [DOWNTEMPO]

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First release from years of traveling, sampling, digging and recording on mainland China.

Mastered by Matthew Sawicki at Suburban Pro Studios

Exclusive Artwork by RUMTUM based on Photography by Nathan Womack

After years of traveling and living in Asia, Nathan Womack amassed a vast archive of live recordings, samples and music projects. Presented here is the first production to come out of that life changing experience. Dug, sampled, recorded and produced in Kunming, Yunnan, China, Eastern Rain features local ancient Guqin instrument players, improvising hand-pan drummers and collaborative snippets of synths, one-hits and breaks from electronic producer RUMTUM. Creating a singular mini-project of ancient Eastern instruments meeting Western synthetic processing.