Wax Thematique Podcast: Diggin' in Hong Kong with Paul Au Pt. 1

Our first Wax Thematique podcast begins with label founder Nathan Womack (aka producer Paces Lift) digging for records with legendary record champion and living music encyclopedia Paul Au, in his Hong Kong apartment full of vinyl. When we say “full” we mean 30,000 records..and when we say “apartment” we’re talking 500 square feet. Paul’s story of escaping the 1970’s Vietnam draft to ultimately selling vinyl on the streets of Hong Kong to survive has been widely covered on the ‘net. But this episode is a more comfortable, casual dig session between two people who love the art of finding a great record buried amongst many thousands. Some of the music found that day plays between chats with Paul about his love of vintage vinyl as he repeatedly hands Nathan many a record and juggles customers coming and going. Enjoy the photos below Nathan took visiting Paul’s vinyl lair (which Paul calls “Vinyl Hero”) from 2017-2019. Be on the look-out and listen for more Wax Thematique episodes on the way. Listen to the podcast on Apple, Spotify or Stitcher.