Wax Thematique Podcast: The Guqin (古琴)

In this episode we interview Joyce / 文菡, a Chinese instrument instructor at her music space in Kunming, China. Many years ago Joyce was visiting a local ancient Buddhist temple and heard hypnotic string sounds coming from a Monk's apartment that would forever change her life. Though the sign on the door read "visitors not welcome", she couldn't help but follow the music into the Monk's den. The Monk invited her to stay and she soon became captivated by the Guqin (goo-cheen). A 3,000 year old instrument, she dedicated her life to its study. Joyce spent years traveling China and Hong Kong for the sole purpose of learning from those who've mastered the instrument. Now she has her own Guqin music studio where she teaches local and international students in Kunming. Listen Now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher.