Fruit of the Boom Podcast Eps #42: Tropikoro

Paces Lift and Ben Bounce dropped by Suburban Pro Studios while in St. Louis to showcase their new album, Tropikoro for another episode of the Producer/Engineer series "Fruit Of The Boom". Hosted by Matt Sawicki and guest-host DJ Who, the fellas discussed the intention behind crafting Quick Trigger and how it lead to a more specific approach to sample-based production with the creation of Tropikoro. This is the first time Paces Lift & Ben Bounce have been interviewed together and its a treat! Listen to the full interview HERE.

Paces Lift & Ben Bounce "Tropikoro" Limited Color Vinyl

2nd album by beat-battle competitors turned collaborators.
180gram LP pressed in limited Aqua/Blue color.
Poly-lined inner sleeves & matte finish LP jackets.
Original artwork, illustration and painting by Stevie Anderson. Front cover inspired by the Australian-Ni-Vanuatu film "Tanna" (2015). Back cover inspired by Philip Glass "Music in 12 Parts" (1971).
Mastered for vinyl by Barry Corliss in Seattle, WA.
Liner notes by Blake Gillespie

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