Noel Brass Jr: KEXP Exclusive Interview

Noel Brass, Jr. sits at the back of Cafe Vita in Greenwood, quietly sipping on an espresso. He’s immediately recognizable — it’s hard to find a photo of Brass where he isn’t wearing his trademark fedora and glasses. It’s a rainy November afternoon and I can’t think of a better setting to dive into talking about his new record Broken Cloud Orchestra, a collection of ambient synthesizer tracks infused with hints of jazz and soul out now via Wax Thematique Records.

Much like his music, Brass himself is a calming presence. He carries himself with a flair of old school tradition, dressed sharply in a tie and raincoat. But when he talks, you really start to get the feel for his astuteness to the world around him. His music often reflects imagery of the cosmos and far out, spacey ideas. Broken Cloud Orchestra is no exception. The term “head in the clouds” implies a certain aloofness, but Brass gives off the air of a dreamer without losing his footing and forgetting the inspiration right around him. Interview and Photos by Dusty Henry. Read the full in-depth interview HERE