RUMTUM - "Mora Tuga" Album Download


RUMTUM - "Mora Tuga" Album Download


Within "Mora Tuga", RUMTUM creates an experience of deep textured beats using himself as the sample source. Using haunting chants, woodwinds, percussion, guitars and synthesizers he layers sounds that conjure a sort of fog that lingers somewhere off in the distance. Welcome to the rainforest on another planet, where beautifully emotive instrumental compositions head-knod as easy as they thought provoke. Much like his print making and illustration work, RUMTUM's music can be revisited again and again to find new moments of interest and inspiration.


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Rumtum - Mora Tuga (WXTM-002)

The goal of Wax Thematique is to leapfrog the last. And this goes for everything we do. Unbeknownst to most, RUMTUM and WXTM have been in collaboration for quite awhile. We began a creative partnership with the goal of producing the best work possible on our own terms. And after hundreds of songs, multiple album drafts and many many design sketches, we're pleased to present you with our 2nd release. The complete vision of what we want to achieve as a label and what he set out to create as an artist.

Mora Tuga is the world RUMTUM (born John Hastings) began to sketch at a young age. It became his desired place of escapism. Though the project was lost before completion he was illustrating and inking foundational elements of this world like the soil, bodies of water, plant life and even the early stages of what would become physical beings. When his grandparents passed earlier this year, the graphic novel was stumbled upon once again. Hastings took this as a sign and chose to create Mora Tuga as a way of finishing the graphic novel while keeping its title intact. 

•Produced and Mixed by RUMTUM (additional production by MANMADEMADMAN)
Mastered in an Analog facility by Catadawn Studios in Denver, CO
Art Design, Layout and Illustration by RUMTUM (