Grandbaby - Congo Solar 7" [PSYCHEDELIC / INSTRUMENTAL]
Grandbaby - Congo Solar 7" [PSYCHEDELIC / INSTRUMENTAL]

Grandbaby - Congo Solar 7" [PSYCHEDELIC / INSTRUMENTAL]

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  • WXTM-011
  • Debut 7" 45RPM
  • Release Date: 04/01/2022
  • Mastered by Jason Baldock in the UK
  • Art Design by Jason Baldock and Nathan Womack

Written, performed, produced and recorded in an underground WWII bunker ("The Crunch") in the English countryside, Jason Baldock’s “Grandbaby” project isn’t as cuddly as it’s cheeky name would suggest. In fact, it’s a take no prisoners, uncompromising approach to mostly-instrumental songcraft. Grandbaby's debut 7" bursts with feverish energy, formidable synth lines, crunchy/catchy guitars and an unearthly brilliance for drum break expertise most session musicians would kill for. There’s a deep history to Grandbaby, and trust, we’ll present it to you in due time. But first the story must begin the best way we know how - a tangible artifact of beautiful black wax. 


“Congo Solar” brings three minutes of robust percussion action and a bass line that charges the line of scrimmage like J.J. Watt. Laced with echo-plexed shouts of “Stop!” and “Go!” and a month's supply of cowbell, the track mainlines adrenaline in the manner of classic club bombs such as Incredible Bongo Bands “Bongolia” and Angelo & Eighteen's “Flight 2” Heady company, for sure." - Dave Segal

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