Electronic producer and instrumental enthusiast RUMTUM has a unique approach to crafting his melodic melodies. Mostly known for his work with Monster Rally, this Cleveland native offers a broad frequency. May it be his love for native spirits or even sea life, the natural world plays the biggest part in the dynamics of his writing. From a young age his obsession for mixers and knobs grew into a passion for recording with found objects and handmade instruments. While learning drums provided the musical foundation to understand bass and guitar, an amazement of synthesizer and explorations into field recordings continues to inspire his craft. RUMTUM habitually also creates fine art through drawing, painting, music, and mural work. Coalescing through this work in Denver, Colorado, he has primarily focused on print making and murals as his visual medium, The creative endeavor that is RUMTUM Creations showcases his most recent works of art of thought-provoking content with whimsy. Visit RUMTUM's site for more.